Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19

1952 Topps #50 - Marv Rickert

On this day in 1950, Marv Rickert hit his first home run with the Chicago White Sox, which won the game in the bottom of the eleventh inning against Sid Hudson of the visiting Washington Senators.

Marv was purchased by the White Sox from the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 29, 1950. Rickert ended up playing eighty-four games with the Pale Hose, in what would be his last season in the majors. Marv would hit four home runs with the Sox, but wound up in the International League in 1951, playing for the Philadelphia Phillies AAA team, the Baltimore Orioles. He finished out his career with the St. Louis Browns AAA team, the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1952.

The interesting detail on this card is that Rickert is pictured in a Chicago White Sox uniform, despite not having played in their system for nearly two years. It's not like he was on the Sacramento Solons of the Pacific Coast League waiting for a call up to the White Sox from their AAA affiliate. Both the Sox and Rickert had moved on long before. Marv's only other cards, 1947 Tip Top and 1984 TCMA 1946 Play Ball feature him on the Chicago Cubs.

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A '52 White Sox player is almost as good as one of your customs. Almost...

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