Thursday, June 28, 2012

WSC Birth Years: Eric Stults

Card #109 - Eric Stults

Born: December 9, 1979

Eric signed with the White Sox in December 2011. He would turn out to be one of the last pitchers cut in spring training for 2012. The good impressions that Stults left with the coaching staff paid off on May 7th, when he was called up to start the second game of a double header in Cleveland. Eric pitched six innings, giving up only two runs, keeping his team in the game. He gave way to Will Ohman to start the seventh inning. The Sox tied the game in the eighth, but Matt Thornton surrendered the go ahead run in the bottom of the inning.

Stults then entered his second game for the Sox on May 13th at home against the Kansas City Royals in the ninth inning, replacing Addison Reed with the bases loaded. All of the base runners scored on two groundouts and two singles, leaving the score 9-1 with the Royals on top. On May 17th, the San Diego Padres selected Stults off of waivers. Eric was added to the Padres starting rotation.


TTG said...

This is the first WSC post that has legitimately bummed me out. I'm trying to forget about the last eight guys who have started for us this season.

White Sox Cards said...

Sorry about that. With the Topps monopoly in place, this should be the only reminder that he was ever on the White Sox in 2012. It looks like Stults gave the Padres mostly quality starts, but numbers can be deceiving.

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