Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16

1970 Topps #618 - Billy Wynne

On this day in 1969, Billy Wynne pitched a complete game and won a major league game in Milwaukee, Wisconsin without the benefit of an actual team being based in the state.

To test the waters in Milwaukee after the Braves jettisoned themselves to Atlanta, County Stadium was used as a Chicago White Sox home park for June 16th. The White Sox won the game 8-3 against the Seattle Pilots. Billy helped his own cause by getting a hit and two RBI in the game.

Despite the rumors that the White Sox might move to Milwaukee and a built in fan base of White Sox fans in Wisconsin, the losers of this game actually moved to Milwaukee the following season and became the modern day Milwaukee Brewers, resulting in the Seattle Pilots becoming a fascinating one year MLB team.

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