Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11

2012 Topps #228 - Brent Lillibridge

On this day in 2011 Brent Lillibridge saved the game for the White Sox with a home run robbing catch.

The Oakland Athletics' Coco Crisp hit a long one towards left field in the eighth inning with Daric Barton on second. Lillibridge leaped above the wall, between murals of Nellie Fox and Harold Baines on the outfield wall, and grabbed Crisp's blast and reeled it back in. The play left starter John Danks speechless on the mound. Danks ended up winning his second game in a row after going winless in his first eleven starts because of Brent's amazing catch.

In a rare occurrence, the play that happened on this day has been immortalized on Brent Lillibridge's 2012 Topps base card.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

That is an awesome pic! I bet he has that over his mantle.

Backstop Cards said...

This is one of my favorite cards from '12 Topps. Cool to know what game it's from and the circumstances.

White Sox Cards said...

Considering it was one of Lillibridge's most iconic moments, I wouldn't be surprised.

I love it when I can identify the specific moment in a particular game which something is immortalized on cardboard. :-)

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