Monday, June 25, 2012

Choose A Winner

It's time for you to choose the winner!

I have picked five entries that gave me the weirdest vibes just hearing about them. There were some great juxtaposition in those stories and all were great, but I can only choose five. Now, you, dear reader, gets to choose the one.

Here are the entries in chronological order....

1. Room number ball toss
I've been planning a post on this for a long time and I don't know if it's really weird, but back in 1994 I saw a Mariners relief pitcher write his hotel room number on a ball and toss it up to a young woman in the stands who had been flirting with him. I was sitting directly behind her and saw the ball very clearly.

2. Circumcision discussion
 ... hearing some really young bullpen guys at a High-A Ball minor league game talk about circumcisions...

3. Sprinkler interruption
 At a Giants game, the sprinklers went off in the 9th inning in the middle of a pitch. They had to clear the field for a few minutes to dry it off.

4. Rain delay munchies
 The oddest thing I remember goes back to one of my first games. We ran into Paul Splittorff and Buck Martinez (of the Royals) in full uniforms and spikes at one of the concession stands at old Comiskey Park. It was during a rain delay.

5. Helicopter drop off
 I think the strangest thing I've seen is earlier this spring, at the Orioles/Tides exhibition, a news helicopter landed on the field to drop off the channel's sports guy to throw out the first pitch.

Voting is on top of the right sidebar. Good luck. We're all counting on you.

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