Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29

1971 Topps #311 - Lee Stange

On this day in 1970, the Chicago White Sox purchased Lee Stange from the Boston Red Sox.

Lee had been i the majors since 1961, playing with Minnesota, Cleveland and Boston before the White Sox plucked him out of Boston. The 1970 White Sox were an awful team and they needed any kind of help that could come their way, even a relief pitcher on his last legs.

A far cry from his 1967 World Series appearance with the Red Sox, Stange appeared in sixteen games, had an unimpressive 5.24 ERA, but managed to win one game, in the mix, and surprisingly have zero losses, despite giving up thirteen runs. In his final appearance, in the top of the seventh inning, on September 21st, against the Kansas City Royals, Lee blew a save, giving up a home run to Paul Schaal and walking Cookie Rojas. Bill Melton was able to homer for the Sox, giving them the lead for good, and giving Wilbur Wood the victory.

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