Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Heavenly Vixen - Heavenly Signatures

I woke up this morning not expecting much. Tracey went off to her work week and her weekday residence on Monday afternoon. Everything that I ordered or made a trade with came in the mail yesterday. Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to pounding the beat looking for employment. I was delaying that as much as I possibly could.

I was eating a breakfast of three day old gnocchi and a Sprite Zero, which is the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast, when my newspaper reading was interrupted by my barking dog, Tesla. She was named after Nikola Tesla, the inventor of AC current, the Tesla Coil and the Death Ray. Not the hair metal band!

Tess, short for Tesla, was informing me that the mail carrier had stopped and delivered more bills and junk mail. Not too much in the mail today. The new Rolling Stone. Beckett wanting me to subscribe to their "sports" magazine. Bank statement. Pre-approval for a Home Depot credit card. A plain white envelope from Wax Heaven.

This piqued my interest! I knew this package was coming, but I had relegated it to the back of my mind. I had other projects moved to the front, like moving my growing stack of White Sox cards into pages and into albums. Plus, a baseball related project that I'm not ready to reveal details about, yet.

I opened up the envelope and under many centimeters of plastic and tape was the authentic autograph of Tatiana, the Heavenly Vixen, numbered 01/05! I was secretly hoping for one of the autograph cards, but truthfully, I would've been happy with any card.

This card rocks! This made my day so much better! Thank you, Mario and Tatiana. This kind gesture perked me up today.


Wax Heaven said...

I am glad you liked it. I didn't want Tatiana to use a pen but she did and eventually went to all sharpie so it's technically a 1/1 by eBay standards. ;)

Jason T. Carter said...

Technically, Tesla isn't a hair metal band. They are more in line with the traditional hard rock sound, though they like to break out the acoustic every once in a while.

And there's nothing wrong with being a hair metal band, anyway.

Steve Gierman said...

Mario, very cool info about the card. Thanks!

Bubba, at the peak of their mainstream popularity, Tesla was lumped in with the hair bands. BTW, Love Song hooked me in, but Signs made me a fan.

I agree, there's nothing wrong with being a hair metal band. A good chunk of my 4,000+ songs on my iPod are hair metal. :)

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