Saturday, October 2, 2010

21 Baines Salute

Last week was a series of highs and lows. The lowest point had to be getting a tooth pulled on Thursday. It had to be cut into four pieces to get everything out. There were certainly a few more expensive options out there, but the tooth either had to be expensively repaired or somewhat less expensively pulled. You know you are an adult when you choose the less expensive method so it's only a fraction of the money that you still don't have on hand. Ah, the joys of adulthood and tough decisions.

Luckily, there were many other highlights for the week. I took the day off on Wednesday to go fishing with my dad. I'm not sure what I took off from on Wednesday, but I found myself up north near the Wisconsin border, with a fishing pole in my hand and a lingering pain in the side of my jaw.

Yes, the fishing did take my mind off of the dull pain that was making its way past my ear. The real highlight of that day would be the eighteen fish that I ended up catching. Not bad for dock fishing.

Certainly in the running for highlights would be two packages that came by mail. One I'll tell you about here. The other, I'll save for another time, when all parts of the trade are completed.

In this package were 21 cards of Harold Baines. Some I had. Some I didn't. All were definitely appreciated!

1988 Leaf #157
1988 Panini #62
1993 Leaf #249
1993 Pinnacle #488
1993 Select Rookie/Traded #8T
1993 Studio #190
1993 Ultra #492
1994 Flair #1
1994 Leaf #84
1994 Pinnacle Museum Collection #408
1994 Select #31
1994 Studio #121
1995 Leaf #309
1995 Leaf Limited #154
1996 Pinnacle #241
1996 Ultra #330
1996 Upper Deck #37
1997 Pacific #50
1997 Pacific Prism #19
1997 Score Team Collection #5
1997 Ultra #35

Thanks, Ron! These were awesome Baines cards! I should have something sent out to you in a week or two.

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