Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Ex-Sox Factor

It's down to four remaining teams. The White Sox were eliminated in September. Who do you root for? Some like to follow ex-White Sox players and base their picks on just that. Those unique individuals make the playoffs interesting for themselves by counting on past glories.

On each remaining team there are ex-White Sox players. Who are they? Who should you look out for and who shouldn't you? I won't tell you who to root for, but this handy guide may help you decide.

The Giants have 2005 White Sox playoff heroes, Juan Uribe in the infield and Aaron Rowand in the outfield. If you like Chicago legends, this may be the team for you!

The Phillies have 2005 White Sox playoff hero Jose Contreras in their bullpen and ex-Sox utility player, Ross Gload. If you like gritty baseball, this may be the team for you!

The Rangers have former starter Brandon McCarthy on the disabled list and former coach Gary Pettis as a first base coach. If you like the least amount of White Sox player connections, this may be the team for you!

The Yankees have Boone Logan in the bullpen and clown Nick Swisher in the outfield. They also have Javier Vazquez and former draft pick Royce Ring on the inactive pitching list. Ex-Sox catcher Tony Pena is the bench coach and bullpen disaster Damaso Marte is on the disabled list. If you like the sheer volume of former White Sox connections, this may be the team for you!

The White Sox connections are all around. They're just not always on the field playing the game. There are probably even more connections that I missed, but I tried limiting it to players and coaches.

Whatever you decide, at least you have a sure fire way to be entertained through White Sox connections.


King Felix 4 CY said...

Hey there Whitesoxcards. I wanted to let YOU be the first to know that I am not taking the Sox in IamJoeCollector's monthly break for November. So if you want your team back, you can have them. Cheers!

Steve Gierman said...

I do appreciate that, but I'm still not in a good enough financial position to participate in the monthly breaks again. Feel free to hang on to it, if you want.

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