Sunday, October 3, 2010

WSC Birth Years: Nancy Faust

Card #NNO - Nancy Faust

Born: March 11, 1947

Consider this an add on bonus card to the Birth Years series. To honor Nancy Faust on her last day with the White Sox, I created a special no number WSC Birth Years card.

As many of you are aware, Nancy is finishing up 41 seasons on the Southside. The park will not be the same without her musical musings. To commemorate her legacy with the White Sox, I've created a card based on the 1947 Tip Top Bread cards.

1947 was a very lean year for baseball cards, but many White Sox players managed to sneak their way into the Tip Top Bread set. I can't think of a more fitting card set to feature Nancy Faust in, considering the White Sox connections.

The original cards were 2 1/4 inches by 3 inches. They featured a black and white photograph with player identification at the bottom. The cards were borderless at the top and sides.

Fare thee well, Nancy.

1 comment:

Vonnoosh said...

This is great! You used the Tip Top Bread design. Nice choice!

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