Friday, February 25, 2011

Card Spotlight: 2-25-11

1953 Bowman Color #36 - Minnie Minoso

This is the card that launched a thousand Tim Raines poses. Although Minnie had enough humility to not look straight into the camera while thinking of a meet cute story.

I can guarantee with some amount of certainty that Minoso was not thinking how great it would be to play professional ball in seven different decades. Although, what if he was? Who's to say that the dreamy look wasn't inspired by a "what if" scenario of playing the game that he loved until it was no longer physically possible? I wouldn't discourage that line of thinking!

Whatever the actual story behind hat priceless look, it does create a stunning card. One that practically begs you to stop and take notice. The colors may be muted, but that picture says everything that the colors cannot. This is a card of happiness. Of hope. Of impossible dreams.

One can't help but be partially inspired by a card like this. If I believe in myself, then I can accomplish anything. Maybe that's the message that Minnie was thinking about in this photograph. We may never know what is behind the scenes, but we will take away any positive message from the evidence left. Isn't that all that you can expect from a great baseball card? Every card should strive to achieve these lofty goals. A card like this can bring inner peace. If only to the collector lucky enough to have a card that's slightly younger than the span of the subject's lengthy career.


Anonymous said...

I think that you should give one of these cards away to a lucky reader. Perhaps even one who is the first to post a comment to this post.

I have always loved this card though. Maybe because he was my fathers favorite player, and it makes him look like the myth I had always heard about. A very cool card.

LoCoDe said...

Definitely a great card. And a great post.

Steve Gierman said...

If I had doubles of this card, I would definitely do something like that. The truth is that I don't even have the card yet.

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