Thursday, February 3, 2011

1930 White Sox Team Issue

For many years, team issued card sets were nothing more than photographs or postcards. These sets were given away or sold to fans and then usually forgotten and misplaced.

The White Sox issued many team sets over the years. Some are instantly recognizable. Others seem so obtuse, that they blend together and are almost unrecognizable as a team issued set.

Amazingly there are plenty of examples of team issues that survive. Not all are easily identifiable today. The picture shown is of Carl Reynolds, an outfielder for the White Sox from 1927 until 1931. Dressed in street clothes, it is hard to distinguish this as a White Sox issue.

The 1930 team set consisted of twenty-seven 8X10 glossy photos. The only identifying marks are on the back. There is a stamp consisting of a serial number, the player, the position and the city in which he played.

Chick Autry
Red Barnes
Moe Berg
Garland Braxton
Donie Bush MG
Pat Caraway
Bill Cissell
Bud Clancy
Clyde Crouse
Red Faber
Bob Fothergill
Dutch Henry
Smead Jolley
Willie Kamm
Mike Kelly
Johnny Kerr
Ted Lyons
Harold McKain
Jim Moore
Greg Mulleavy
Carl Reynolds
Blondy Ryan
Benny Tate
Tommy Thomas
Ed Walsh Jr.
Johnny Watwood
Bob Weiland

Issues like this are always a treat. It gives a peek into the past, in an era where cards were a rarity. These don't pop up too often, but they aren't extremely hard to find, once you know what you are looking for.

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