Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dig It!

The Diamond Dig at Diamond Topps is finally working! I redeemed six codes the other day, so I should have six digs at the site. My first dig turns up...
A Montreal Expos ring! That's pretty cool. The Expos were one of my favorite NL teams growing up.

My next dig turned up a St. Louis Cardinals ring. I'm beginning to suspect that these rings may not be as rare as I was led to believe.

The next dig turned up an Atlanta Braves ring. Yes. Yes. These are not rare, but they look kinda cool.

My fourth dig turned up...
A Seattle Pilots ring!!! OK. That is officially cool!

My fifth dig is an instant winner! My prize is a pack of vintage cards!

Vintage, my ass!

My final dig uncovers....
A Jackie Robinson ring and a free code.

The code unlocks.....

A 2007 Mark Ellis.



I do get another dig though and it turns up...

A Pittsburgh Pirates ring.

OK. I'm done for tonight.

Here is my entire virtual ring collection for your viewing pleasure.
Six rings. Shenanigans and pyewp, which could be interchangeable dependent on my mood.

Yeah, I'm done for tonight.


Anonymous said...

A vintage Mark Ellis even! I was excited to redeem my codes, but not so much now.

dayf said...

You'll probably have to pay $3.00 shipping on that vintage pack too!

Anonymous said...

Wow On your fifth dig you get a vintage pack. there are 250 spaces. Also the pack you get isn't 1988, you get a pack from 1970-1989. the 1988 is just a stock photo. and @dayf, you don't pay any shipping with the vintage pack and you get 10 other cards shipped for free.

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