Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WSC Birth Years: Jerry Reinsdorf

Card #NNO - Jerry Reinsdorf

Born: February 25, 1936

As owner of the White Sox since 1981 and owner of the Bulls since 1985, Jerry Reinsdorf has helped bring seven World Championships to the city of Chicago. Six were with the Bulls, during the Michael Jordan era, and one was with the White Sox in 2005. The way both teams are currently setup, there may be more rings in the future.

Reinsdorf's decisions haven't always been popular, but winning has a way of changing attitudes in a city starved for championship caliber teams. Publicly, he has used unpopular means to negotiate new stadiums for both his teams. Jerry has been noted as being an early advocate for steroid testing in baseball.

Reinsdorf is heavily involved in charitable work in Chicago and was involved in Mayor Richard M. Daley's initiative to improve standardized test scores in the Chicago Public Schools. Through White Sox Charities, over two million dollars has been donated to the Chicago Park District, with attention given to funding baseball and softball fields.

I thought I'd have a little fun with this one. If you don't recognize the card design, it's most likely because I didn't choose to make a 1936 Goudey. Instead, I chose S & S Games from 1936 as the inspiration for this Birth Years card. It seems like we've been hit over the head with Goudey the past few years, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring out a design that only hardcore collectors might spot.


Matthew Glidden said...

Nice choice! Not a set you see very often anywhere...

Johngy said...

Sweet card creation.

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