Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The First White Sox Cards Of 2011

Yes, I braved the elements this morning to make a trip to Target. A blizzard is expected to hit this afternoon and I do not want to be out in that! My main and only purpose was to purchase a blaster of 2011 Topps Baseball Series One. I had no other agenda in that store, so if they didn't have the blasters, I would have wasted my time.

Luckily, not only were the blasters there, but single and rack packs were as well.

I excitedly rushed home and carefully ripped open the blaster. I slid my finger underneath the back flap to separate the top and bottom and tore the first pack open. My very first card of 2011 was...

Jeremy Bonderman.

An AL Central rival. Not bad, but not exactly what I was looking for.

The rest was a blur, which was not recorded for posterity. The second pack contained my first White Sox card of the year.

243 - Omar Vizquel!
This is a card that Dinged Corners should love. There's a goofy grin, a ball in flight, and the very last second before a mid-air moment. Ahhh. Spring is almost here.

The next White Sox card in the blaster is...

93 - Paul Konerko
He may have been with two clubs before the White Sox, but hardly anyone remembers that. He will be a White Sox forever. Paulie gave us a scare this offseason, but in the end, there was no better decision than to remain where he is beloved.

The next White Sox card is...

128 - Manny Ramirez
It was a bold experiment that utterly failed. Now there's one more card commemorating that event.

The last White Sox card is...

322 - Brent Morel
Ah, but this is no ordinary card. This is a Target Retro parallel card. Only the last two packs of the blaster are these parallels, all but assuring me that I will never complete this parallel set. Only two packs, yet I pulled two different Strasburg base cards in the old school parallel.

Overall, this blaster was full of surprises. There were a few cool looking insert sets. A couple of platinum diamond parallel cards. Three code cards. And, yes, the Mickey Mantle base card. Sigh. The design is not that bad and is something that will probably grow on me throughout the year. Topps really doesn't seem to put much effort into their base set anymore. Everything is thrown into cutesy gimmicks and parallels. All in all, still not a bad start to the collecting year.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I went out looking today for some 2011 cards, but couldn't find any. I am sure I will have some in my hands before too long.

Johngy said...

Nice cards.

ShaneK said...

Man, I could use some packs right now, but nooooooooo, we have another snow storm outside that is going to last through Wednesday night.

LoCoDe said...

Great Omar card.

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