Friday, February 25, 2011

Mailbox Joys: The Big Heart

1996 Frank Thomas The Big Heart #1 (989/3500)

Frank Thomas and Leaf teamed up to create a limited four card set to benefit the Frank Thomas Charitable Foundation. Each card was made available for a $20 donation.

It does make me feel good that the proceeds from the original purchase went to charity. I, however, was able to find mine at auction on eBay. I came in at the last minute and won it for $1.35, plus $2.50 shipping.

It was almost serendipitous. I discovered the 1997 set while thumbing through my 2008 SCD. I decided to check eBay to see if there were any floating around. I had absolutely no intention of purchasing a card.

I found two examples on eBay. One was from the 1997 version, but I saw a 1996 version at 99 cents with a minute left. I put in a low bid, expecting to be outbid at the last second. Surprisingly, I won the auction! This almost never happens anymore. Someone usually overtakes my highest bid with seconds left. Lately, I haven't had enough in the PayPal account to seriously look for anything. This was something that I could not pass up. Fate made me do it!
In the end, I have a nice limited card that was created for a great purpose, and it didn't break the bank to obtain it. Not too shabby.

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