Thursday, April 21, 2011

30 Day Horror Challenge: Day 29

There are very few horror films where I can honestly say that I can't find something to like. Cheesiness, bad acting, suspect story and fake effects are trademarks of horror films without much of a budget. When done correctly, it can enhance the movie. Not every movie can be a well crafted extravaganza... and that's OK. Part of the charm of some movies is getting it done against all odds. You can see the love and care that was obviously put into making the film and sometimes that's enough to overlook the flaws. Then there are films that exist for absolutely no good reason.

Your least favorite horror film of all time.
April Fool's Day (2008)

Strike one, this is a remake. Strike two, plastic actors that detract from the story. Strike three, the movie is just a cash grab with no redeeming value. You're out!

The original 1986 movie wasn't the greatest, but it has its charms. This was a great opportunity to improve on the original, which was not popular. Instead of improving on the original, they took the ending and tacked it onto a completely different story. Uh, no thanks.

The original had stuck up characters, but they were also revealed to have a little depth to them. This film only has pretty people trying to get by on their looks. It doesn't work for the movie and makes me want to boycott anything else that the cast does in the future. Only Scout Taylor-Compton makes a case for herself and it's only a slightly more convincing case than the rest of the cast.

This was a direct to DVD movie that only exists to make a quick buck on unsuspecting horror fans. Horror film fans can usually smell BS a mile away. I can see the lack of care put into this project from thousands of miles away. This is a waste of space on the movie shelf. It's not bad enough to be considered good and it's certainly not good enough to watch.

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Anonymous said...

I have the original on DVD, and wasn't crazy about it, so I never bothered with the remake. But I like Scout Taylor-Compton, so I may end up watching it eventually anyway.

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