Monday, April 25, 2011

Cards That Never Were By Tim D: Part 3

Here's another round of Cards That Never Were by Tim D! The descriptions are in Tim D's own words.
1971 Topps - George Foster
I thought George Foster should have gotten his own rookie card in 1971.

1971 Topps - Tony LaRussa
Former White Sox manager, Tony LaRussa had a whopping 123 plate appearances (PA) with the Oakland Athletics in 1970. They made a 1970 card for him (1969 = 8 PA), and a 1972 card with the Braves (1971 = 16 PA, 8 w/Oakland and 8 w/Atlanta). Thought it was funny they never made a 1971 card... here it is. Too bad he didn't play as well as he managed teams.

1974 Topps - Robin Yount
Rockin' Robin Yount. Hated, but respected him. I thought he was born near Champaign, IL. Would have loved to see him on the Sox. "We must never have another motorcycle in camp" - Manager Dutch Schnell "Bang The Drum Slowly"

1975 Topps - Gary Carter
Gary Carter - 1975 card. Expos should have figured out Barry Foote was not the answer and brought Gary up a lot earlier.

Tim, these look fantastic, as usual! Thanks, as always, for sharing!

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