Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Big Boost From Boog

Continuing with the packages that arrived when I was offline, comes this package from reader Boog. Yes, I swear that I'm almost done with these. I like to acknowledge everyone that takes the time to send off a package. The downtime just really screwed my rhythm up.

Here are some cards from your want list. Thanks for doing such a great website!

Well, I try, Boog. I try. There will be some cards coming your way, sometime in the near future. I'm slowly getting back to normal over here. Yeah, I know I keep saying that. It's true though!

Thanks to the kind generosity of Boog, there are seven cards that I can take off my want list. Let's see what Boog sent over.

1992 Upper Deck
722 - Kirk McCaskill

1993 Topps Gold
259 - Craig Grebeck

1993 Ultra
175 - Ron Karkovice

1994 Ultra
335 - Julio Franco

1994 Upper Deck
549 - Eddie Pearson

1997 Stadium Club
258 - Jaime Navarro

1999 Upper Deck MVP
49 - Ray Durham

The cards may be few, but they pack quite a wallop! All are off of my want list and that is huge! I can appreciate a few cards off of my want list more than a whole bunch of cards that I already have. It's just easier to love that way. Not that I don't still appreciate the duplicates.

Thanks, Boog! This was a great treat! I hope to return the favor soon.

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