Monday, February 23, 2009

My First White Sox Card In 2009 Is...

Very complicated apparently. I bought one 2009 Topps retail pack and two 2009 Topps retail rack packs. I figured that this would equal a blaster roughly and that being from two different sources, it might mix things up a bit. Out of the retail pack came this.

#127 - AL HR Leaders (Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Quentin, Alex Rodriguez)
OK, this is the first image of a White Sox player and the player is noted on the card. It's not what I was expecting though. The card is a multi-player and multi-team effort. It's nice though. The design of the 2009 Topps cards look much better in person than they do on the computer images.

No further White Sox related card yielded from the retail pack. On to the first rack pack.

The top half looked like nothing until the second from the last card produced this gem.

#306 - Javier Vazquez
That's more like it! But wait. While this is a White Sox card, Javier Vazquez was shipped off to Atlanta on December 4, 2008. That's a bit of cruel irony. I'm getting closer, but I'm not completely satisfied.

The second half of the first rack pack resulted in a whole lot of nothing. Bring on the second rack pack!

The second rack pack started with an Andrew Miller, then revealed this beauty.

#149 - Juan UribeThat's more like it!! Oh... wait. Juan signed a minor league deal with the Giants on January 29, 2009. I can't really seem to win here.

Six cards later appeared this familiar sight.
My first White Sox related double in 2009. Oh brother!

The rest of the compartment resulted in no further White Sox related cards.

The last compartment of the last rack pack started out with one of Kenny Williams former wish list occupants, Andruw Jones. Then three cards down came the first card of a current White Sox player.

#154 - A.J. PierzynskiFinally! The rest of the rack pack gave me nothing in the way of White Sox related cards. This is why it is a bit complicated. Five cards, four players, two former players, two current players, one multi-team card, one current player regular card. Oy vey!

Is this a sign for how things will be this year?


Anonymous said...

The team shuffle makes the card shuffle all the more challenging. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does a card diminish in your interest when the player is depicted in a White Sox uniform but no longer plays for the Sox?

Steve Gierman said...

I'm still very interested in the card when the card shows a player in a White Sox uniform that is not currently on the team. When opening a pack, it makes it slightly less exciting to get, but still thrilling.

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