Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Nice Guy Kevin Package

OK, that was a poor attempt at a Reservoir Dogs reference. Yeah, I know. I need help. In my defense, I received a package from the anointed "Nice Guy" of the card blogging community, Kevin.

What say you? You don't know about Kevin? You're joshing me? Well, head on over to The Great 1965 Topps Project and Orioles Card "O" The Day and get to know him. While you're at it, head on over to NumerOlogy. It's OK, I'll wait.

There. Don't you feel better now? It's always good to visit some top notch Orioles sites and a 1965 Topps site!

I sent some cards over to Kevin awhile ago. Kevin is one of the few bloggers that I will just randomly send stuff to. I guess it goes back to our early connection in the community. I try to look out for things for everyone, but sometimes that's impossible. A select few in the community have been so successful with trading, that I don't expect anything in return. I know that someday, in some way, a package will arrive out of the blue. Kevin is one of those people.

Let's see what Kevin sent over.

1993 Studio
190 - Harold Baines

1993 Upper Deck
765 - Harold Baines

1994 Collector's Choice
478 - Harold Baines

1994 Stadium Club
16 - Harold Baines

1995 Select
156 - Harold Baines

1996 Score
408 - Harold Baines

2006 Topps Box Bottom
559 - Ozzie Guillen

2007 Topps Turkey Autographed Refractor
TRC-RM - Rob Mackowiak

2007 Upper Deck Triple Play
TP-JT - Jim Thome

Back when I went to school with Rob Mackowiak, I never thought I'd be seeking his autograph out, over a decade later. It's funny how things work out. You never know who is going to grow up to be famous.

Kevin and I share a love of Harold Baines. Harold spent a lot of time with both of our teams and is well loved in both towns. Thank you, Kevin. These cards are awesome! Plus, I love the Ozzie box bottom! You are truly the nicest guy in the community.


Kevin said...

You're welcome, Steve! Glad everything arrived alright. FYI, Harold is up for the Orioles Hall of Fame this year, along with Mike Bordick, Jesse Orosco and former pitching coach and manager Ray Miller.

Anonymous said...

Plus, Kevin is such a great writer, one of the finest.

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