Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Pack Of Phungo Cards

Eventually, I will catch up to all the generous packages that arrived when I was offline. One of the most unique envelopes contained a pack of cards. What's so unusual about a pack of cards? It was not available in stores. It was only available at the whim of a mastermind. These are Phungo Cards!

The packaging had Jamie Moyer on the front and shouted out to look for Black Frame Inserts and "Traditional" Cards by Topps, Upper Deck and Fleer. This was an eight card pack, but I believe I got a bonus. Unlike "Traditional" packs, the stealth inserts do not take away a card from the pack. This would be the first non store bought pack of cards that was labeled 2009. This beat my "Traditional" packs by at least a week.

Let's rip this sucker open!
The first card I encounter is the stealthy Black Frame insert. It is a beautiful picture of Chicago along Lake Michigan taken on July 31, 2007. I might be somewhere in that photo obscured by some building or just distance. It was taken two weeks after I got back from a trip to St. Louis.

Other cards included:

Phungo Cards

25 - Olsen vs. Thome
I was in St. Louis peering into the Cardinals home venue from my hotel room when this was taken. July 15, 2007

29 - Kenny Mayne - Mic - Mariners
July 13, 2008

51 - Washington Monument - Landmark
August 1, 2008

52 - CC Sabathia - ACE - Brewers
October 2, 2008

54 - Brad Lidge - CL - Phillies
October 2, 2008

55 - Roger Clemens - RHP - Astros
September 4, 2006

Traditional Cards

2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers
526 - C.J. Wilson

2008 Topps Heritage Then & Now
TN7 - Luis Aparicio & Orlando Cabrera

What more can I say about this pack? It is one of the most unique pack of cards that I have ever received in the mail. This is such a thoughtful gesture and such a joy to look at that I almost feel guilty having to suppress it for so long.

Thank you for this truly wondrous experience!

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deal said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards. If I am still blogging a yr from now there will likely be a 2010 set.

The Chicago Picture was taken from the Hancock building. I was out there for a milestone birthday (Cubs Game sorry).

A little hot, but otherwise beautiful and a great day for taking pictures.

I hope to get out there again in the future and take in a Chisox game next time.

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