Friday, February 6, 2009


Let me tell you, switching ISPs can be a real ordeal. In order for me to secure an instillation date for a combo package that will upgrade everything in the house, and cost half as much, I had to have the line free of any provider.

I've been with AOL since 1997, in the days of 33.6. I went with them when they went to high speed. I switched over to the recommended provider when they terminated that service. I've had no problems, in all that time, until the past few months.

AOL took seven days to let me out of their system, although it only took them one day to cut off service. I got a date secured for the instillation of the new system. It was originally supposed to be March 13, but we called back and found a date of February 18. At which time, I'll be on fiber optic lines.

For all my trouble, I was told that I could work something out for free DSL, by the salesperson. That turned out to be untrue, so the upcoming review will be less than favorable. Instead of wasting money on DSL for less than two weeks, I've decided to wait.

Thank you for being so patient with this blog and the other blogs that I contribute to. Things should be back to normal around the 18th.

All expected packages will be mailed when I get fully back online.



Hey ,it's just good to hear from ya and know you're still kickin' !We switched from a local ISP to Time Warner cable/phone/roadrunner about two years ago but we had used their cable system for 25 years so it went pretty smooth.Good luck and I'm sure it will all work out.

night owl said...

The card blogging world isn't the same without you. But we'll hold on a couple more weeks.

capewood said...

Hey Steve, I was wondering what had happened to you. There was a time we had AOL. I went with another dial up service, put in a second phone line for it, and kept AOL for the kids. When we went with Time-Warner Road Runner a few years ago, I dropped both.

Anonymous said...

Blogville is feeling your absence. Come baaaack. I guess we can wait another week if we must. Aren't corporations fun?

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