Thursday, February 10, 2011

1998 Lemon Chill White Sox

This set, sponsored by Lemon Chill, was a stadium giveaway during the 1998 season. It would be the first year of three consecutive sets from Lemon Chill.

The design on this set stands out among other team issued sets. The flames on the left and bottom of the card create a very distinct touch that isn't found on any other team issued cards.

The back features a large Lemon Chill logo and a complete set of 1997 stats for each destination of each player. For instance, Robin Ventura's stats for Birmingham and Nashville are presented for his minor league rehab assignment during the 1997 season, as well as his stats with the White Sox.

This set also features one of the first cards of Magglio Ordonez. We also see Bryan Ward wearing number 56 a few seasons before Mark Buehrle would permanently take it over.

The team set consists of thirty cards. They are listed by uniform number.

5 - Ray Durham
7 - Jerry Manuel
8 - Albert Belle
10 - Chris Snopek
12 - Wil Cordero
15 - Chad Kreuter
17 - Mike Caruso
22 - Charlie O'Brien
23 - Robin Ventura
24 - Mike Cameron
29 - Keith Foulke
30 - Magglio Ordonez
31 - Greg Norton
33 - Mike Sirotka
35 - Frank Thomas
36 - Scott Eyre
37 - James Baldwin
38 - Jaime Navarro
40 - Jim Parque
41 - Bill Simas
43 - Carlos Castillo
45 - Jeff Abbott
47 - Matt Karchner
56 - Bryan Ward
59 - John Snyder
62 - Bobby Howry
NNO - Wallace Johnson (#18, 3rd base coach), Bryan Little (#20, 1st base coach)
NNO - Nardi Contreras (#54, pitching coach), Von Joshua (hitting coach)
NNO - Joe Nossek (#21, bench coach), Art Kusnyer (#53, bullpen coach)
NNO - Mark Salas (#58, bullpen catcher), Steve Odgers (director of conditioning), Herm Schneider (head trainer), Mark Anderson (assistant trainer)

1 comment:

LoCoDe said...

Wallace Johnson used to be an Expo. He was a great pinch hitter.

Are you sure those are flames? They look sort lemony, as if the card was dipped in lemon chill? ;o)

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