Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cards That Never Were #54

2012 Topps - Brent Lillibridge (Boston Red Sox)

The Chicago White Sox traded Brent Lillibride to the Boston Red Sox along with pitcher Zach Stewart for Kevin Youkilis on June 24, 2012. Since Lillibridge's trade over to Boston, he has appeared in ten games for the Carmines and was 2-16 at the plate. With Carl Crawford coming back from the disabled list, Brent was the odd man out and was designated for assignment.

The likelihood of Lillibridge rejoining the Red Sox in 2012 seems remote, at best. The most likely scenario seems to be another team picking Brent up. Many teams could jump at the chance to pick up a utility player who gives his all on the field. Being that Topps is currently the only game in town with all the licenses, the short time that Lillibridge was on the Red Sox and the probability that another team will pick him up at some point this season, the percentage that Brent Lillibridge will be included in the update series in a Boston uniform seems to be spiraling downward. I've decided to rectify that potential oversight by making this card. Lillibridge has very passionate fans and hopefully this will bring a smile to their faces.

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