Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16

1989 Upper Deck #224 - Steve Lyons

On this day in 1990, Steve Lyons reveals an entirely different side of himself in Detroit.

Leading off the top of the fifth inning and trailing 4-1, Steve Lyons decides to bunt his way on base. The bunt was decent but it was a close play. Lyons dives head first for first base and is called safe by first base umpire Jim Evans. While Tiger pitcher Dan Petry is arguing the call with Evans, Steve drops his pants to shake the dirt out, conveniently forgetting that 14,770 people are watching in the stands. After his pants were about down to his knees, instant recall hit Lyons and he pulled his pants back up and turned red from embarrassment. After being forced out at second, women in the stands waved dollar bills at Steve as he headed back to the dugout. Besides his "Psycho nickname, this incident earned Lyons an additional nickname of "Moon Man".

Steve's post-career as a broadcaster had been marred by insensitive remarks, resulting in suspensions, apologies and a firing. Lyons still does the post-game show for the Los Angeles Dodgers, despite his very public controversial remarks. While signing autographs for fans, Lyons remarked upon seeing his 1989 Upper Deck card that in the front picture, he was looking at a blonde in the stands.

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