Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1

1906 Fan Craze - Frank Owen

On this day in 1905, Frank Owen pitches two complete game wins in a double header in St. Louis.

"Yip" became the first of ten American League pitchers to win two complete games in a single day. He was followed by Ed Walsh of the White Sox (9-26-1905), George Mullin of the Tigers (9-22-1906), Ed Summers of the Tigers (9-25-1908), Ed Walsh of the White Sox again (9-25-1908), Ray Collins of the Red Sox (9-22-1914), Dave Davenport of the Browns (7-29-1916), Carl Mays of the Red Sox (8-30-1918), Urban Shocker of the Browns (9-6-1924) and Dutch Levson of the Indians (8-28-1926). The fact that it hasn't happened in either league since 1926 shows how the game has evolved into a game of bullpens.

You may notice that the card in question shows a player on the Boston Americans named Billy Owen. That player never existed. In fact, a printer filling in missing information caused this mystery which was finally solved about a century later.

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Play at the Plate said...

Man, today's pitchers are wusses!

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