Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11

1986 White Sox Coke #43 - Bob James

On this day in 1985, closer Bob James hurt his right knee during a game in Baltimore and the seed was planted to eventually hire a GM who would nearly bring the team to ruin.

Mike Stanton came in to relieve Bob, who gave up a single, a walk, another single and a home run to four straight batters to squander a three run lead and turn it into a one run loss. James wouldn't pitch again until August 1st. The Sox didn't seem to be too fazed by the absence, as they actually gained a little ground in the standings, but comments by Sox television announcers Don Drysdale and Ken Harrelson about the ineffectiveness of Mike Stanton and questioning the signing of Stanton on June 26th as the "best" the Sox could do, eventually led to Harrelson serving as the White Sox GM for the 1986 season.

Bob would go 17-17 with fifty-six saves for the White Sox between 1985 and 1987. He was never quite the same pitcher after the knee injury and the Sox would eventually release James in December 1987. Bobby Thigpen would take over the role as team closer from Bob James.

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