Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WSC Birth Years: Nate Jones

Card #112 - Nate Jones

Born: January 28, 1986

Nate was drafted by the White Sox in the fifth round of the 2007 amateur draft. Originally, Jones flirted the line between starter and reliever in the minors. 2007 and 2008 saw him mostly start with a few relief appearances mixed in for good measure. In 2009, all of his appearances were in relief and he earned his first professional save and a 4-1 record, his first winning record. In 2010, the Sox switched him to full time starter and Nate thrived, going 11-6 with a complete game in twenty-eight starts. In 2011, with a promotion to AA, he was switched to full time reliever. Jones' ERA went down, but his win-loss record went down. His command improved and 2012 saw him break with the parent club.

As a key member of the bullpen, Nate brings the heat with a five pitch selection that includes two different fastballs, a slider, a changeup and an occasional curve. While every pitcher will experience ups and downs in the early goings, Jones has persevered through some rough outings and has come out on top. Through the 2012 All-Star break, Nate has had over twice as many strikeouts as walks allowed and a very respectable ERA in the mid threes.

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