Thursday, July 26, 2012

Topps Diamond Anniversary Prizes Have Arrived

 It seems like a lifetime ago that the Topps Diamond Anniversary Giveaway started and ended. We have moved on to the next Topps website, which underwhelms me. From what I've read it underwhelms a lot of us. I don't feel compelled to purchase Topps product whenever I enter a Target or Wal-Mart like last year. I know exactly why. The rush of expectation and wonder is not the same from online coins as it is for actual cardboard. I was excited every single time I pulled a code card from 2011 product. When I pull a code card from 2012 product, I feel malaise and boredom.

I went in with a simple plan last year. I was going to try to fill some holes in my collection. I was also going to try to get rid of all my cards from 1981 to present and try to trade them for either vintage or something I needed to complete a set. I think I made the most out of my parameters, but I'll let you be the judge.
 1983 Topps #46 - Richard Dotson

I needed one card to complete my 1983 White Sox team set and this was it. I am very happy to put this set to rest.

 1983 Topps #488 - Alfredo Griffin

This was the one card I remember from my very first pack of cards. It was the card that started my interest in collecting. Without this card in my first pack, I may have shunned cards altogether and headed down the wrong path and became an RCA Studio II fanatic or a Jart champion.

 1980 Topps #594 - Dick Tidrow

I said I would take anything 1980 or earlier and this qualifies. Tidrow would switch leagues in a rare Cubs/WhiteSox trade.

 1980 Topps #612 - Cliff Johnson

Something about this card just screamed, "Take me home... NOW"... and I listened.

1979 Topps #238 - Balor Moore

I was hoping to trade up but got stuck with it. Vintage is never a bad thing though. Love those uniforms.

1978 Topps #86 - Dave Tomlin

Another card that just couldn't get traded away, but I love that uniform!

1978 Topps #107 - Ed Halicki

Halicki is just a fun name and I want to Photoshop a stool under Ed. He looks like he should be sitting on a stool, relaxing against a bar, trying to hit on an unsuspecting woman. Not pitching in a major league game.

1976 Topps #282 - Dan Osborn

The last card I needed to complete my 1976 set. Awesome!

1975 Topps #318 - Ernie McAnally

The old school Expos uniform. Spring training palm trees. Tilted photography. Great name. How could I pass on this? I just can't!

1975 Topps #169 - Cookie Rojas

This year, I got my own Cookie. And no one can take it away from me.

1972 Topps #173 - Clay Kirby

Great card and oddly, only the front has creases, not the back.

1975 Topps #116 - Ed Farmer

So this is what Ed Farmer looks like in another organization. Kinda like Greg Brady.

1967 Topps #208 - Jack Lamabe

Needed this gem for my 1967 set.

1961 Topps #29 - Don Nottebart

1961 Milwaukee Braves rookie! Ended his career as a Cub in 1969.

1961 Topps #203 - Eddie Bressoud

Played against Hawk Harrelson in the 1967 World Series. I wonder if Hawk has any stories about Eddie. He came in as a late inning defensive replacement at shortstop for the Cardinals in Game 2 and Game 5 and never batted.

1954 Topps #140 - Tom Wright

I am impressed that this is a card from 1954, from a team who has since relocated. I am not particularly impressed with the condition. The top left corner looks like it was a snack for a hungry animal of the rodent variety.

1954 Topps #91 - Bob Oldis

This isn't a pristine card either, but it is in much better condition. I'm glad because this is the card that I was most looking forward to when I unlocked it. I love the color shot of Bob! The black and white image reminds me of the angels and devils that would pop up on people's shoulders when they had a tough decision to make. Add in the currently non-existent team (I know they still exist, just not in that city) and it creates a near perfect card and the best of the bunch!

I was skeptical when I won an unopened pack from the 70s or 80s. I had a premonition that it would be either from 1987, 1988 or 1989.


I was right. Blech!

I can say that I did get some pretty decent cards in the 1989 pack, but it's still a 1989 pack. Any card I can potentially get from there, I have probably owned at least five times over. I wonder if I can still win a trip to 1990 spring training?


Kbrewster/90 said...

I'm still trading REAL cards for code cards for the Golden Giveaway. If you want to get rid of your unused codes, let me know!

Play at the Plate said...

Nice haul!

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