Thursday, April 2, 2009

1983 Kellogg's

With all the talk about 3-D right now, it's easy to forget that the technology has been introduced a few times. Most of the focus has been on the movies, but baseball cards have been in the thick of it too.

The first 3-D cards that I can come across are the 1968 test issues from Topps. When Generation X thinks of 3-D baseball cards, they think of Kellogg's. From 1970 until 1983, the cereal company produced a small set of baseball cards in 3-D.

Their forays into three dimensional technology on baseball cards would pop up sporadically after 1983, but this was their heyday. The last successive 3-D set that was produced was the 1983 series. In many ways, it looked similar to all those that came before it. This was a set that changed slightly each year, but wasn't usually noticeable to the casual observer.

The sets usually incorporated either blue or yellow in the color scheme. Sometimes both. They would be splashed across the card in a big splotch. The 1983 set was different. These cards had more of a Perma-Graphic set feel to them. It was almost as if Kellogg's decided to mature just a bit.

The White Sox have four cards in this set.

16 - Harold Baines
43 - Britt Burns
50 - Greg Luzinski
56 - Carlton Fisk

Everyone that you would expect to show up in an early 1983 White Sox set is here. The slugging young star. The young stud pitcher. The veteran slugger. The World Series hero/veteran. It's a good mix of players for a 60 card set.

Floyd Bannister is in the set and he is usually reported as being on the White Sox in this set. That is false information. Floyd Bannister is pictured in a Seattle Mariners uniform in this set. Don't be fooled!

This was a nice set to go out on for Kellogg's. A nice simple design. The unique 3-D cards. While they still produced baseball cards after 1983, they were nothing like the 14 year run ending in 1983.

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MattR said...

Those Kellogg's 3D cards were great! Too bad that it was so hard to complete a set. It would be tough to buy 60 boxes of cereal. We had to send in a coupon with some money (I forget how much) in order to get a full set.

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