Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weird Bobby Thigpen Find

I found this card on eBay, at an over inflated price, so I thought. My instincts were right, after an investigation.

It turns out that this card is an oddball made by Simon & Schuster in 1991. It just goes to show that every company will produce their own set of oddball cards, if you give them enough time.

Before I tracked down the information, I considered turning this oddball eBay scan over to two sources: fellow bloggers and a certain brother of the pitcher, who reads this blog.

Now that I found the information about this card, I can kill both birds with one stone. First, I wondered about the legitimacy of this card. But being part of a set by a reputable company, I can also eliminate the second question. Is that really a picture of Bobby as a kid?

I'm 99.9% sure that this would be a photo of Bobby as a child. There are too many fail safes preventing this from being just some random kid. Still, it wouldn't be impossible for this kid to be Joe Schmo from Idaho. I have more confidence having found decent source information.

No matter how many cards that you can track down of a player that you collect, there will always be one more lurking around a corner, out of your sight. It happens a lot with regional sets and oddball one off releases. Always keep your eyes open and check your facts. Cards love to hide on you!


Matthew said...

These came in sheets in a book about Major League stars as kids. The book had twenty or so short stories with pictures and each player featured had a card. They were perforated and had short write-ups on the back. I seem to remember them being slightly off of the standard side. I owned the set about twenty years ago, but I'm pretty sure I spilled Jolly Good soda all over them.

Kevin said...

I had the football version of these cards + book, the spoils of a Christmas Yankee swap in school. I remember a hilarious junior-high photo of Mike Singletary with Buckwheat-esque hair.

Scott Thigpen said...

Wow! That is Bobby, or at least it looks like every other picture we have of him in pictures from when we were kids. They made a baseball card from it? Really? Weird.

And how did I miss this post? :) I'll get Dad to take a look at the picture and see if he has an 'original' of it.

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