Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nick Adenhart 1986-2009

I slept in late today, mostly because my back was still a little tender. I missed the flurry of reports about the death of Nick Adenhart. While most articles will give you details about the car crash that took his young life, I hope to take you down memory lane.

Nick made his MLB debut on May 1, 2008 against the A's. He had his first win on May 12, 2008 against the White Sox. My game summary can be found here. It makes no mention of Nick Adenhart. The summary focused on Mark Buehrle.

If Buehrle wasn't so awful in that game, maybe Nick wouldn't have won his first game against the White Sox. Then again, maybe Nick just pitched that well. Adenhart always appeared to be a tough luck pitcher. He would pitch well enough to get a no decision, as he did in last night's game.

In a strange way, I feel honored that Nick got his one win against the White Sox. I feel sad that he will never get the chance to win his second game. Nick left behind a 1-0 lifetime record. We'll never get to see Nick blossom into the pitcher that he was destined to be. May he rest in peace. He'll be playing for the real Angels now.

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