Monday, April 27, 2009

Mailbox Joys: White Sox Coaches

2009 Topps Heritage #458 - Joey Cora/Harold Baines/Jeff Cox

I jumped for joy when I found out that Harold Baines would have a card in the 2009 Topps Heritage release. I started cursing under my breath when I found out that the card in question would be a short print.

It's lucky that I've decided not to collect this year's Heritage. Due to my collections, I would need this card three different times, if that were the case. Believe me, I'm not happy that I'll be collecting two of this short print card. One for the team collection and one for the Baines collection. I'm downright pissed that I will need five short print cards to complete the team set.

Such are the joys of a team and player collector. This card was won on eBay for a grand total of 25 cents. That makes the sting of the short print card a little less painful. The seller had low shipping and a policy for combined shipping. I found two 2008 Topps Heritage cards in the store for $1.00 each, so I added those to the order.

I don't think that I'll get another White Sox coaches card for that low, so I'm counting my good fortune with this purchase. Still, I'm one card closer to team set completion and two cards closer to master set completion in another set. Not too bad!

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