Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wakamatsu: Take Two

Since yesterday's game was rained out, I missed my chance to catch a glimpse of Wok. Luckily, there should be double the chance today.

If the weather cooperates, there will be at least 18 innings of baseball on the South Side today! Double the games means double the Wakamatsu! No offense to the Mariners great start, but I'm hoping that the White Sox sweep the doubleheader. Or, at worst, split.

Sure, I'd like to see Don do well, just not at the expense of my team. I may be a fan, but if it interferes with my team, I usually can't look the other way.

It's colder today. Hopefully, that means that the Sox and Mariners can get both games in. I can't wait!

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dinged corners said...

That is some fierce set of eyebrows.

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