Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If You Let Him Go And He Returns...

A World Series hero is returning to Chicago. No, not Joe Crede or Juan Uribe. Scott Podsednik!

OK, I see how excited you are to hear the news. After the Rockies cut Pods at the end of Spring Training, there was a leadoff man without a team. Enter the White Sox, who love to bring back players over and over again. See Sandy and Roberto Alomar. See Harold Baines. See a plethora of others.

With DeWayne Wise out for awhile, the Sox took a shot on Podsednik and signed him to a minor league contract. He'll play with the AAA club, but may be called up to solve the center field and leadoff problems. Is this a good solution? Maybe, maybe not. At least the White Sox are trying.

The Sox don't seem convinced that Jerry Owens is the future. Brian Anderson will have to show a lot more consistency at the plate to be considered an everyday player. It would help if Anderson was a typical leadoff hitter. Alas, he is not. That leaves the tough luck Jerry Owens and newly acquired Scott Podsednik.

If Pods does stick with the parent club, that would move Chris Getz into the second hole. Or it could move Brent Lillibridge into that role, depending on how nagging that injury is to Getz.

Welcome back, Scotty! I hope we get the healthy Podsednik.

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