Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WSC Birth Years: Jermaine Dye

Card #5 - Jermaine Dye

Born: January 28, 1974

Since last week's card was obviously an April Fool's joke, Jermaine Dye has the actual fifth card in the set.

Jermaine seems to be getting better with age. Dye has made more sliding catches in the outfield in 2008, than I can remember at any other time in his career. His bat continues to be a lethal weapon at the plate. Not bad for someone who was supposed to be in his declining years, four years ago.

Jermaine is the only member of the current White Sox team that can claim to be a World Series MVP. Add into that equation that he claims that distinction with his current team, and you've got a special type of player.


MattR said...

That card looks great! The '74 set is an underrated set IMO.

Johngy said...

That is a great looking card. Too bad you couldn't change the black pinstriped, helmet and logo to red. JD would have looked great in those uniforms.

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