Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Funsies From Marie

I'm a horrible person. I've had a package from Marie, of A Cardboard Problem, since Saturday. I've been keeping it from you all. Hording it and trying to find the time to dedicate to properly address the package.

Hello, package! Sorry... cheap laugh.

The weekend was involved with want list work. Monday, I went downtown to the Daley Center with my friend Steve. His CTA bus was hit when a woman illegally made a right turn in front of him. It was simple and it turned out that he wasn't even really needed, but it was a nice excuse to spend the day downtown.

We walked around Navy Pier and went to a tea house and had some of the nest chilled tea with lemonade I have ever tasted. Essentially, Monday, the package was neglected again, when Chris Berman's tired old routine put me to sleep, literally. So this is the absolute first opportunity I've had to sit down and analyze the contents of the package properly.

One card, in particular, was found at a yard sale in a giant box of cards. It was waiting ever since then on Marie's desk, waiting to be sent to me. How thoughtful and cool! The rest are "funsies". Marie's word, not mine, but I think it's growing on me. I like the sound of funsies.

Let's see what Marie sent over.

1989 Swell Baseball Greats
45 - Hoyt Wilhelm
127 - Wilbur Wood

1994 Bowman's Best
43 - Chris Snopek

2009 UD Starquest Blue Uncommon
SQ-32 - Carlos Quentin

2009 UD Starquest Silver Common
SQ-32 - Carlos Quentin

Some very cool funsies right there. But wait there's one more. The card found in a box at the yard sale. This one is full of...

BAINES MOJO!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, Marie! Those cards were awesome! Especially the Baines rookie! I can never have too many Baines rookie cards.

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