Monday, July 27, 2009

Words Fail Me

My jaw nearly dropped when I opened the white envelope. I still don't know exactly what to say. In the span of six cards, in an unassuming white envelope with a 44 cent stamp, my mouth went from a smile to a big gaping hole where proper muscle control used to reside.

Four cards were from within the last decade. Very cool, but not exactly Earth shattering. The last two were from from before my birth in the bicentennial. One card saw Kennedy as president. The other card saw the tail end of the Korean War.

Neither of these vintage cards could claim to be in mint condition. One wonders if they ever saw that condition. Still, it is amazing to me, the generosity of these loved cards. They must have an interesting story to tell, but I'll never know the complete works. I must marvel at the treasures left behind and decipher the ancient clues left behind by persons unknown.

The first culprit is a 1953 Bowman Color card of Joe Dobson.

Someone took the time to fill out Joe's 1953 statistics in green felt tip pen. The ERA is off by 0.02. The funny thing is that whoever decided to mark up the back, felt it necessary to label Joe's gender as MR, in a different color felt tip pen. Maybe the original card owner was a fan of the AAGPBL?
From stats on the back oddities to no printing on the back, we see a 1962 Post card of Roy Sievers. The card may be crinkled, but it sure is a joy to look at. The interesting thing is that the card appears to be half in French. Maybe the cereal box this came from was Canadian?
You may be wondering where these cards came from. They are a mailing from Matthew, of The #5 Type Card Type Collection.

Let's see what all came in that unassuming white envelope.

1953 Bowman Color #88 - Joe Dobson
1962 Post #46 - Roy Sievers
2004 Upper Deck First Pitch #288 - Ryan Meaux
2005 Bazooka #202 - Ryan Sweeney
2005 Bazooka Comics #9 - Jim Thome's 400th Home Run
2009 OPC #533 - AL Home Run Leaders (Carlos Quentin)

Thank you so much, Matthew! Words fail me to properly express my gratitude for these six cards. They were a joy to see and the exact cards were a complete surprise! I am working on a package to send to you soon.


MattR said...

That's a really nice package. My oldest card is a 1954 Bowman Bob Feller. Those '53 Bowmans are great!

night owl said...

Very cool.

Matthew Glidden said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards! I can expand on the two you scanned.

53B Dobson: Bought a large 53B lot where EVERY card included MR in pen on the back. I think they're collector initials, though your take is funnier. "THEY CALL ME MR. DOBSON!"

62 Post: This is indeed a Canadian issue, where Post did their own set for North of the Border fans. Identical checklist, but includes the French text and other minor design differences.

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