Friday, July 10, 2009

Stamps Of Approval

Yesterday, I found a large envelope in the mail with a familiar address. It was yet another package from Jason of The Writer's Journey. Inside was a thick top loader stuffed with tiny goodies. Tiny things come in large envelopes? It's not the size that matters, it's the contents that count. The contents rock!

We had agreed on a few cards that were given to him. He saw the White Sox and thought of me. How cool is that? I guess the blog title of White Sox Cards will invite things like that. Let's see what Jason sent over!

1982 Fleer Stamps

182 – Ron LeFlore
183 – Carlton Fisk
184 – Harold Baines
185 – Bill Almon
186 – Richard Dotson
187 – Greg Luzinski
188 – Mike Squires
189 – Britt Burns
190 – LaMarr Hoyt
191 – Chet Lemon

1982 Fleer Stickers Puzzle Back
White Sox logo/Chicago logo

1988 Topps Mini Leaders
7 - Ivan Calderon

A small but powerful mailing. Thanks, Jason! I really need to gather some Reds to send over. I'm amazed most at the entire team set of 1982 Fleer Stamps. I think that was the coolest surprise.

While I'm on a roll, can someone please find a new home for Hard Rock Nights? The best metal crammed into two hours on a Saturday night is currently without a broadcast partner. C'mon people, let's make something happen! Where else am I going to get my Izzy Stradlin and Anvil fixes?


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the stamps. I didn't even realize it was a full team set. I'm still missing about 2 or 3 of the Reds from the set, out of a full wax box. Oh well, the best part is opening the packs anyway.

And thanks for the plug for HRN. I gotta get it back on the air. It's killin' me that I don't have an outlet at the moment.

Johngy said...

I see a Mike Squires stamp! Awesome!

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