Friday, July 31, 2009

Let's Get Dummy Hoy A Statue

Currently, in Ohio, there has been discussion on replacing a statue of a former governor, who's views have been described as disgraceful and racist. The State of Ohio has been taking suggestions on what figure in Ohio history should take the governor's place.

Steve Sandy, who researched and associate produced a docudrama about Hoy, contacted me with the idea of getting the word out. Check out the article on

What can you do to help? Click here to read the blog section about Dummy Hoy's nomination. Click here to add your nomination for Dummy Hoy.

I told Steve that if Hoy gets his statue, I would make a pilgrimage to the statue and get my picture taken with the likeness of a truly great man. Hoy played with the White Sox during their first two seasons in Chicago, so it would truly be an honor.

Help me keep my word to Steve. Let's get Dummy Hoy his statue!

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