Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello Mark Kotsay

So Brian Anderson finally got his wish. He was traded this afternoon to the Boston Red Sox for outfielder Mark Kotsay and cash. This will either be the best possible move for Anderson or the nadir of his career. At least he wasn't traded for a bagful of bats.

With an outfield of Baldelli, Drew, Bay and Ellsbury (sounds like a law firm), I have a hard time thinking that Brian will crack that outfield. He's still got Chris Carter and Chris Duncan to worry about passing too. Barring injury, I think Anderson is done playing until at least September, when the call ups are on the team.

As for Mark Kotsay, he is six years older than Brian, with a slightly better bat. He can play the outfield and some first base. He had back surgery in the offseason and is on the wrong side of thirty. Still, he provides versatility and a veteran presence, if he comes to the parent club.

Mark has postseason experience in 2006 with the A's and in 2008 with the Red Sox. He technically should have a ring from the 1997 Marlins team, but he did not appear in the postseason with them. He played 14 games as a rookie for Florida in 1997.

Is another trade on the horizon? Maybe so. If not, the Sox are getting a slight upgrade for Anderson in the batting department, with somewhat similar defense. The only downside is that he's 33 and coming off of back surgery. At least Kenny didn't trade for Griffey again.

Welcome to Chicago, Mark! You'll love it here.
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