Thursday, July 23, 2009

Parque Comes Clean

In a somewhat classy move, Jim Parque has finally admitted to using HGH in an attempt to recover from a career threatening injury. Rather than have someone pen his story, Jim decided to write it in his own words.

Reading Jim's essay, you begin to see the real struggle that MLB athletes face and the realization that there is a very short window to make sure the family is properly provided for.

It's easy to forget about Jim Parque in the midst of the other high profile names. It would have been simple to fade into the background, since most people don't remember Parque pitching in the Major Leagues. Until his injury in the 2000 postseason against the Mariners, Jim was shaping up to be a decent number two or three starter. Not an ace, but someone who could keep the team in the game every five days.

The admission may be a few years late, but it's appreciated nonetheless. Check out Jim's story, which is a Chicago Sun Times exclusive.

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