Thursday, July 30, 2009

Unbeknownst To Me

I certainly had no idea that I was on Mark's list of packages to send out. I am eternally grateful to the seemingly random packages that Mark, of Stats on the Back fame, sends to me.

After a long day, that included a wake up an hour before my alarm (which you are better off staying awake after or you will feel it later), a drop off of Tess to the groomers, breakfast alone at J.C. George's (which was nice for a change), trips to Target (which included an auto OPC find and more coupons for Marie) and Wal-Mart (which really sucked), outings to two grocery stores with my mom and the drive-thru at McDonald's for a sweet tea, it was especially nice to see a few packages waiting for me. Yes, my junior high English teacher will rip me a new one for that last sentence. Sorry, Mrs. Hook.

I found two packages from eBay purchases. Three more cheap SP cards for my 2008 Topps Heritage quest and the last short print (the recently demoted Josh Fields) I needed to complete my 2007 Turkey Red White Sox team set. Among those mailbox joys was a package from Mark. I really love it when I instantly recognize the return address. I have to admit that sometimes I have absolutely no clue who send me things occasionally. In those instances, I really have to do my homework. I've almost always passed that test, whether I knew it or not.

When I opened Mark's package, I discovered a tiny note praising my want list and informing me that I can cross a few more off. I love notes like that!

Let's see what Mark sent over.

1986 Fleer Baseball's Best
34 - Tom Seaver

1987 Hy-Grade
Big Ed Walsh

1990 Best
216 - Roberto Hernandez

1992 Score
505 - Frank Thomas

1994 Pinnacle
1 - Frank Thomas

1994-95 Excel League Leaders
20 - Harold Williams

1995 Collector's Choice
75 - Frank Thomas

1996 Donruss
384 - Tim Raines

1997 Collector's Choice
300 - Frank Thomas

2005 Bazooka
72 - Aaron "Legend" Rowand

2005 Donruss
329 - Freddy Garcia

2005 UD ESPN
23 - Frank Thomas

Thank you so much, Mark! These were great! I especially love the Roberto Hernandez minor league card. I was very high on Roberto when he first came up. I tried to track down every card I could back then, but this one always eluded me. I can remember having all the green Hy-Grade cards in some baseball card starter kit, back when I was in elementary school, but they are either lost or in horrendous condition. It's really nice to see this card of Ed Walsh again. It brings back many good memories.

I'm still on the lookout for your Mets card project. When I find something else, it will be quickly sent over to you.

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