Friday, July 31, 2009

Peavy'd Again?

The White Sox apparently got their man... after awhile.

The White Sox acquired Jake Peavy for Clayton Richard, Aaron Poreda, Adam Russell and Dexter Carter.

Peavy is on the DL and the "best" estimate is August 15th, but considering he has thrown for "real" yet, that is a very generous estimate. Long term, this is a great deal for the White Sox. Short term depends on how fast Jake Peavy can heal and pitch effectively. Only time will tell with that.

My big question? Why did Peavy approve the deal this time? Why did he veto the previous deal? Will these answers be revealed? Stay tuned. Same Sox time. Same Sox channel.


Peavy never said no to the deal, he just said that it wasn't the right time. The deal that took place was the same deal that was on the table originally. Kenny Williams contacted the Padres this morning about it and no one could get a hold of Peavy until a few hours before the deadline.

What are the Sox giving up?

Clayton Richard
A decent left handed starter, who was electric in his last two starts. He should excel in the Padres organization.

Aaron Poreda
A 1st round draft pick left handed starter by the Sox in 2007. Made his MLB debut in 2009. Aaron is expected to be a decent frontline starter. He was effective out of the bullpen this year.

Dexter Carter
He's a 22 year old right handed starter with a huge upside. He's had a great win/loss record in rookie and A ball.

Adam Russell
Worked out of the bullpen in 2008 on the White Sox. He has a 4-0 record in 22 MLB games out of the pen.

All should work very well in the Padres system.


Rod said...

if its' a number game the Padres come out ahead. But who are these guys, are they all coming to Portland.

night owl said...

I just saw Poreda start last night at the ballpark! Guess that was his last for the White Sox organization.

GOGOSOX60 said...

Until he shows up in the next month or so, whom will give them at least 3 wins as the 5th starter. The Sox need to be still 2 or 3 games out of first at the end of August as the Tiger and Twins have played 500 ball since the All-Star break. Otherwise Peavy will be of no use in September.

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