Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A New Beatles Song

This has absolutely nothing to do with baseball, but I'm excited about it nonetheless. Apparently, there is a new Beatles song ready to be released soon. Check out the story here.

This would be the rumored third song that the then surviving Beatles worked on using John Lennon's home demos. The song is said to be called "Now And Then".

Amid the ticketed spectacle that is Michael Jackson's death celebration memorial, comes some actual music news. The less said about the Wacko Jacko ticket and wristband needed memorial "event", the better. I think it's in poor taste to exploit him like this. They couldn't have done something classy and well organized like the benefit memorial to Freddie Mercury?

Maybe the unreleased 14 minute epic that is "Carnival Of Light" will finally see the light of day too. Either way, I'm still psyched at the prospect of a new Beatles song.


shanediaz82 said...

I'm a huge Beatles fan (who isn't) but I hadn't heard that yet, thanks Steve!

Jim said...

I'd love to see this come out as a single. Maybe Carnival of Light could be the B-Side? I imagine Carnival of Light to be similar to the Liverpool Sound Collage EP that Paul released in 2000.

Anonymous said...

Hello all. The part of the story saying that the Beatle song NOW AND THEN Is finished is true.

The part about how all four beatles participate on the recording is true,,

And I heard it sounds very beatley! and that Paul McCartney finished with a lot of LOVE and care!

George Supposedly plays at least one guitar and sings back up or harmony---we can presume McCartney is playing a few different instruments --Piano, Bass Guitar
maybe some additional guitar or Mellotron

Seeing as how the song demo by John was a bit sparse maybe McCartney wrote and sang some answer lines or something--or added some kind of musical bridge where he sings lead for a minute or something like that--MAYBE

But the part about how the song is about to be released--I am not sure that part of the story is true!

I am hoping more than you know we get it this year

But its only one song--there are a couple more recordings from the sixties like Carnival of light and a couple others...There is one other reunion song also---Called ALL FOR LOVE Written by Paul and George and recorded for two days in March 1995---I have no idea what is up with that recording--and JOhn did not participate in that one---I think we may have to wait until a deal for Beatle downloads is struck---Whenever that happens---Then I think we will see Now and Then as an exclusive download bonus track
later it might be on some sort of greatest hits album or Anthology four or something---I think we will also see a few more tracks from the sixties like Carnival of Light and Actual Beatle remixes where they actually remix the later albums from say Revolver onward----not remaster but remix
big difference--I think we will see a restored Mystery Tour Movie as well. and a few things

I pray to God its this year for NOW AND THEN--Can you imagine a new Beatle track recorded on fancy modern equipment with that modern fidelity! A john song that sort of becomes a little bit of a Lennon McCartney song on the finished record--still mainly a John Song but with some Paul input---Again I heard it sounds very Beatley

The part about how the release is imminent I don't know about that. But we will get it I hope its not another year or two! God I hope not
the main thing is its done--and Paul McCartney didin't go through all that trouble to just let it sit there for too long!

White Sox Cards said...

Thank you anonymous stranger for all the cool info!

With the Beatles track record at releasing recordings, I'm not hopeful for this year. I do hope that the very public story and the interest from Paul McCartney himself will speed things along more so than the usual glacier pace that we're accustomed to.

All I know is that songs like these will find a way to get out eventually. These are to important to the Beatles legacy and their hordes of adoring fans to be kept locked up forever.

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