Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mailbox Joys: Cereal Fisk

When I came home last night, from a thrilling White Sox victory, I found this little beauty in my mailbox. The 1974 Kellogg's Carlton Fisk.

I made my pilgrimage to the Fisk statue (and the others) before the game. I just wish that I had the camera with me. Tracey has it right now, so my friend got a few close up shots of the Fisk and Baines statues for me on his camera phone. I'm not holding my breath for the quality of those shots.

I've always had a soft spot for mid-seventies Fisk cards. I guess it's because I barely have any and I thought that they were nearly impossible to obtain, when I was younger. I still love the 1979 Topps Fisk for that same reason. I actually got a hold of one when I was an early teenager. I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread and videotape. It was 1991 and I was easily impressed. What can I say?

I found this Kellogg's Fisk for a steal at 99 cents. I was luckily the only bidder. My luck would improve with the same seller, on the same day, but I'll save that card for another post.

I'm so used to seeing the grizzled, war torn Fisk, that it's a bit jarring seeing him this young. When he was ending his career in Chicago, he seemed like he was born old. The veteran who would call out younger players for making a mockery of the game. That's the image that I keep.

The smile is the best part of this card. The oldest card I have of Carlton is from 1973. He looks like a younger version of the grizzled veteran in the photo. Maybe Thurman Munson walked by, but he looks annoyed. The rest of my seventies Fisk cards are all action or annoyed grimaces. This is an absolute treat to see him smile. According to my cards, he didn't start smiling until he came to Chicago.

It's nice to see Fisk enjoying his time with the Red Sox, on a card from that period. I was beginning to think dreadful thoughts. In a few days, I'll feature the other card I picked up for a song from this seller.


AdamE said...

I love the card. I need to pick on up for myself.

POBC said...

This card reminds me of my youth ... Nice!

GOGOSOX60 said...

I always pick up mid '70s Kelloggs Sox cards at mall shows whether I need them or not..That Fisk is cool too, reminds me of getting a box of Frosted Flakes just for one card!

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