Monday, January 5, 2009

Are You The Beer Baron?

OK, I know that was rather obscure. When I thought of a banner, I thought of Rex Banner. I've been watching seasons of the Simpsons on DVD with the commentary on. Yes, I may need help.

I admit it. The holidays threw me off a bit. This package from A Cardboard Problem came on Saturday. But with this post, I am now caught up with all mail that I have received. Yay!

This package must have traveled in a time machine to get to me. No sooner did I finish the banner for Marie and Sooz, did I receive a package mere hours later. Was this the work of magic? Well, the package contained shiny cards and cards with moving images… so maybe?

Thanks so much for working on the banner for our blog. Hope you can use some of these cards.

I can always use more cards. In the sense that it was meant, I was able to claim a good number of them.

Let’s see what Marie and Sooz sent over!

1987 Sportflics
200 – Steve Carlton

1987 Topps
703 – Dave Schmidt

1988 Donruss
25 – Ivan Calderon DK
59 – Jose DeLeon
124 – Richard Dotson
137 – Ozzie Guillen
162 – Greg Walker
182 – Ivan Calderon
211 – Harold Baines
247 – Bobby Thigpen
285 – Jerry Hairston
306 – Bill Long
334 – Ken Williams
383 – Floyd Bannister
409 – Jim Winn
493 – Fred Manrique
552 – Dave LaPoint
580 – Ron Hassey (2)

1988 Donruss All-Stars
12 – Harold Baines

1988 Donruss MVP
BC-5 – Ivan Calderon

1988 Sportflics
103 – Greg Walker

1989 Topps
616 – Steve Rosenberg
786 – Melido Perez

1990 Fleer
541 – Tom McCarthy

1993 Topps
150 – Frank Thomas

2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects
BDP43 – Clayton Richard
BDPP102 – Clayton Richard

2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Refractors
BDPP102 – Clayton Richard

2008 Sweet Spot
53 – Jim Thome

Thank you, Marie & Sooz! These cards are awesome! When I find enough cards worthy enough to send over, I will mail out a package.

And sorry about starting the post off about a Simpsons episode. It just popped in my head.


Sooz said...

Marie is obsessed with The Simpson. Don't worry.

Glad you liked the cards because we really liked the banner.

Unknown said...

One of my favorite Simpsons episodes is when Homer and Bart are in the school and trying to get out the oil I think it was through the duct, and Bart sticks the hose to Homer's butt prior to asking Homer, "Are you as excited as I am?" and Homer replying in an oddly sexual type undertone and almost a scream, "Ohhhh yeah!"

Anyway, no problem on the cards, I just hope some of them ended up as first cards, and not all doubles.

Steve Gierman said...

I'm glad that you liked the banner.

I love that episode! I crack up every time I hear Willie say, "Grease me up woman!" But the line wouldn't work without Lunchlady Doris', "Okie dokie" thrown in.

Yay! Another Simpsons nut!

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