Saturday, January 10, 2009

Documentary Cards From Sooz

Sooz, from A Cardboard Problem, sent out some unwanted Documentary cards. I was the lucky recipient of cards featuring the White Sox. Although there were only four cards in total, they brought back some warm, fuzzy memories because all of the cards featured White Sox wins!

But those warm, fuzzy memories turned just plain fuzzy when I tried to figure out the pictures attached to the game memory.

Enjoy the White Sox cards. I bet they are going to like being with you more than me.

Indeed they will. All cards are welcome over here, but especially White Sox cards!

Let's see what games were sent over.

Game 60: June 5, 2008, White Sox 6 - Royals 2
Veteran captures fourth straight decision for Chicago.

Pictured: Bobby Jenks.

The card is referring to Jose Contreras. I did a recap of most games in 2008. Let's see this game. No mention of Bobby Jenks. A quick look at the box score shows that Bobby was never in the game.

Game 71: June 17th, 2008, White Sox 16 - Pirates 5

Pictured: Paul Konerko

Orlando Cabrera, Jim Thome, Jermaine Dye and Joe Crede were mentioned on the back. Let's see this game. No mention of Konerko in the recap. A quick look at the box score shows that despite all the offense from the White Sox, Paul Konerko didn't even play in the game!!

Game 94: July 12, 2008, White Sox 9 - Rangers 7

Pictured: Mark Buehrle

The card is referring to John Danks. A quick look at the box score reveals that Mark Buehrle did not enter the game.

Game 120: August 13, 2008, White Sox 4 - Royals 0

Pictured: Jim Thome

The back mentions Ken Griffey Jr. A quick study of the box score shows that Jim Thome went 0 for 3 with a walk. At least he was in the game!!

This is my big problem with Upper Deck Documentary. It's not really a complete document of anything. The hard work on the back is negated by the false picture on the front. These are good cards which will have a nice place in my collection, but these could have been so much more.

Thanks, Sooz! Despite the way it sounds, I really do like the cards.


Sooz said...

You still sound like you like them better than I did. I'm glad people are getting some sort of joy out of them because I just keep looking at my wallet wondering those $20 went.

capewood said...

Sooz sent me some Phillies and Astros cards. I found the same thing, that on at least some of the cards, the players pictured weren't even in the game.

night owl said...

Me too. Said the same thing on:

I think it's a consensus among card bloggers: Great idea, but should've thought it through better.

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