Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Surprise Package From The Easy Life

Apparently, guessing the correct comic book in a photo almost 23 years old isn't enough. Stephen from The Easy Life has to send me cards too!

Not even 24 hours had passed, when I received a mystery package in the mail from Stephen. I wasn't expecting anything, but I could have easily overlooked that. I seem to have an extraordinary amount of blog mail lately, for some odd reason. I'm not complaining, but it does get more complicated sorting and remembering everything.

I opened the bubble envelope and discovered a team bag full of cards. I wasn't familiar with the design on top, but then saw that it was a team set of the South Bend White Sox A farm club from 1992.

Surely, there could be some gems in there. It depends on your definition of gems... and stop calling me Shirley. Hmmm... another joke that doesn't work well in print.

168 - Luis Andujar
169 - James Baldwin
170 - Mike Pertotti
171 - Brian Boehringer
172 - Don Culberson
173 - John Herrholz
174 - Alan Levine
175 - Jeff Pierce
176 - Hank Tagle
177 - Kevin Tolar
178 - Chris Woodfin
179 - Dean Haase
180 - Henry Manning
181 - Julio Vinas
182 - Essex Burton
183 - Glenn DiSarcina
184 - Brian Filosa
185 - Troy Fryman
186 - Dave Martorana
187 - Olmeda Saenz
188 - Corey Austin
189 - Harold Henry
190 - Rafael Ochoa
191 - Charles Poe
192 - Kerry Valrie
193 - Terry Francona
194 - Jaime Garcia
195 - Mark Haley
196 - Jim Reinebold
197 - Checklist

Right off the bat, two names stand out for me. Terry Francona and James Baldwin. Those are the two with the most amount of success. I recognize a few other names, but I don't know if it's because they settled in as a common player or they were highly regarded flops in the White Sox organization.

Thank, Stephen! These cards were a blast from the past. I love unexpected cards. Your prize will be going out next week.


Schruender said...

He looks so much younger there - and that's saying something because he still looks like he could be classified as a veteran player on the bench.

Steve Gierman said...

I had completely forgotten that he was a manager in the White Sox farm system until I saw this card.

Dave said...

Francona looks about 14!

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